Clavis: Keyboards and modules for text users

ASSISTUK Clavis offers content for users who communicate via text. A text can be written via a user-selectable keyboard and used, for example, for conversations, e-mail, notes, lectures or WhatsApp.

The contents of ASSISTUK can be advised and purchased through REHAVISTA. You can also get further support there.

You need an internet connection to add the content. You add the content itself in the current version of Grid under MY PAGES - Top left MENU - ADD PAGE SET and then via the ASSISTUK field.


  • Communication via text
  • More than 10 selectable Keyboards for different needs
    • Block keyboard with extra large keys
    • Scanning keyboard
    • ABC layout
    • QWERTZ layout
    • ...
    • The same keyboard for all function modules
  • Function modules, such as:
    • E-mail (Windows only)
    • WhatsApp (Windows only)
    • Course of conversation
    • Sentence memory
    • Sentences in categories
    • Lecture
    • ...
  • Content in sizes 4×6 and 5×8 (all fields including message bar)
  • Dark and High ContrastColour Scheme

Instruction as PDF