Scripo Start - Literacy - Experiencing reading and writing

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What is Scripo Start?

"Scripo" means "I write".
It is for children, teenagers or even adults.
They can use it to speak directly.
They can use it to experience writing.
They can develop reading and writing.

There is an ego book.
You can tell something about yourself.

There are comments.
You can use it to say something directly in a conversation.
You can control the conversation.

There are themes.
On one page there are sentences matching a theme.
Maybe "I play".
Maybe "My pets".
Maybe "On the farm".
Prepared sentences can be called up quickly.
In Theme Words there are words matching the themes.

There is the "ABC-Anlautwörterbuch".
Core words are in there.
Many other important words are in the dictionary.
The dictionary is sorted by the first letters.
When a letter is selected, it is spoken along.
At the bottom, the letter can be listened to again and again.
Experiences can be made with letters in this way.
Experiences can be made with words in this way.
Knowledge about letters can be expanded in this way.
Knowledge about matching words can be acquired
in this way.

There are many more modules.
Maybe someone wants to use WhatsApp.
Maybe someone wants to watch YouTube videos.
Maybe someone wants to make entries for school.
That and much more is possible with Scripo Start.

Scripo Start is available in the three grid sizes:

  • 4×6
  • 5×8
  • 6×10

Scripo start is correct if the target is:

  • Learning to read and write.
  • To be able to have experiences with letters and words.

Maybe you want Scripo Start.
Maybe you have questions.
You can call REHAVISTA.
The phone number is: 0421 - 98 96 28 0
You can look on the internet.
The website is:
You can press here: