Scripo Start: Using symbols easily, giving access to reading and writing

ASSISTUK Scripo Start is German-language content for users who use METACOM symbols for communication. It runs on Grid 3 (Windows) and Grid for iPad (iOS). It gives easy access to core and peripheral vocabulary, vocabulary in topics and use of sounds. Users can start directly and have the opportunity to experience writing.

The functional modules (e.g. WhatsApp) are designed so that users can use their familiar vocabulary for communication and have the content read out to them. For example, a message can be created and inserted into WhatsApp using the existing vocabulary and the necessary triggering method, and users can have incoming messages read out to them quickly and easily.

The contents of ASSISTUK can be advised and purchased through REHAVISTA. You can also get further support there.

You need an internet connection to add the content. You add the content itself in the current version of Grid under MY PAGES - Top left MENU - ADD PAGE SET and then via the ASSISTUK field.

ASSISTUK Scripo Start:

  • Asymbol vocabulary with easy access to core and peripheral vocabulary, themes and sounds. Start directly and let them experience writing.
  • Communication with METACOM Symbols (Symbols courtesy of METACOM Symbols © Annette Kitzinger)
  • Easy access to selected core and peripheral vocabulary
  • Let people haveexperiences with writing (literacy)
  • Vocabulary by topic in specific situations
  • ABC anlaut dictionary with core and elementary school vocabulary
  • Encyclopaedias by ABC
  • Initial sound keyboard
  • Simple function modules
  • Grid sizes 4×6, 5×8 and 6×10 (everything is counted, including the message bar).
  • Different color schemes, depending on the taste of the user:inside

Instruction as PDF