All applications in EyePlayground have been developed for operation with eye control.
They have been suggested and tested by people with disabilities who use eye control on a daily basis.
The position of the mouse arrow is used in this process.

There are different member areas:

  • Experience
  • Games
  • Music
  • Type

Experience: First experiences with eye control

AssistUK EyePlayground provides various programs for learning eye control.
Users look at the screen and where they look, something appears.
They gain experience in using eye control.
Accompanying persons can save a heatmap.
A heatmap shows the recognized eye positions.

Games: Games with the eye control

A jump and run game or go duck hunting?
Help the little turtle collect coins or a round of breakout?
AssistUK EyePlayground offers various games.
The games can be operated with the eyes via the eye control.
Often a second player can join in via keyboard or game controller.

Music: Play music with the eye control

Harp, clarinet, guitar or cello?
Choose from 14 different instruments.
Play on a keyboard or on an interface optimized for eye control.
Fade in and out an instrument in a song?
Play different instruments in the song.

Arts: Action Painting - Painting with the eye control

Painting pictures with your eyes.
Expressing yourself through colors and eye movements.
Action painting with paint splatters.
Brush strokes in different sizes.
Or painting mirrored pictures.
Being able to choose from many colors.
This is "DigitalPainters 2.0".

Technical requirements of the eye control

Important when trying out with eye control:

  • Only the mouse arrow is important.
  • The mouse arrow must be able to be moved on the screen with the eye control.
  • No mouse click is necessary.
  • Set the eye control to move the mouse arrow.

The applications are optimized for eye control:

  • Controls are usually large.
  • Region-based eye control is used for control elements.
  • For control elements, the time (dwell time) can usually be set in the application.
  • Operation with the eye is simple.

Important in terms of equipment:

  • The programs run in the browser.
  • An Internet connection is required.
  • They are tried out on Windows devices.
  • Some programs run well on the iPad. But not all and not under all conditions. Therefore, I advise against using them on the iPad for the time being.
  • Tested and running on iPad: DigitalPainters 2.0 (in the Arts members area)

Access to the member areas

There are the membership areas:

  • Experience
  • Games
  • Music
  • Type

People with disabilities can choose between

  • monthly membership to one area (for people with disabilities)
  • monthly membership to all areas (for people with disabilities)

People who need this for their job or choose to work in an institution:

  • annual membership to all areas (for the profession or in an institution)

People with disabilities purchase a monthly membership.
Professionals or institutions purchase an annual membership.
In this way, the price for people with disabilities can be kept low.

Level Price  
Individual - Basic Music €3.99 per Month. Select
Individual - Basic Games €3.99 per Month. Select
Individual - Basic Experience €3.99 per Month. Select
Individual - Basic Art €3.99 per Month. Select
Individual - Full Access €9.99 per Month. Select
Professional or Institutional - Full Access €350.00 per Year. Select

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